Shannon Price, M.A.

By December 24, 2017Our Providers

Early Childhood Special Educator


  • Home-based consulting and educational programming
  • Community-based consulting and IEP development support
  • Individual and small group instruction
  • Assessment, planning, and implementation of a DIRFloortime® Program


Shannon joined ACES in 2017. Shannon began her career while still an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, working as a paraprofessional to implement an in-home Applied Behavior Analysis program.  Upon graduation, Shannon worked as an infant educator supporting early child development through a coaching model at the local Early Intervention Program. Next, Shannon developed First Leaps, a private provider of educational and behavioral services to support children, families and the larger community.  She continued to develop various comprehensive and individualized programs that grew from in-home services, to community-based services and to multidisciplinary center-based services, including a licensed preschool program that served children with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, speech and language impairments, and other health impairments. During this time, Shannon also earned a DIRFloortime Certificate of Proficiency to practice the DIRFloortime® Model.

At ACES, Shannon works to develop a full understanding of a child’s needs through multidisciplinary assessments and by designing unique comprehensive and individualized educational services to serve children with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, and language, social, sensory processing and behavioral concerns. Shannon completed a graduate certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis in August 2017.


  • B.A. Psychology, University of Virginia, 2006
  • M.A., Teaching, University of Virginia, 2006
  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis, 2017